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Here I share my love for great food, cooking, humor, fond memories, and my passion for food photography.

When your read my stories, I want you to feel at home, as if we are in the kitchen cooking the wonderful recipes, laughing, and sharing wonderful stories about this wonderful journey of the greatest love language of them all,


Come on in, have some sweet tea, sit and visit for a bit. 


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Come on shake your body baby, do the Conga! Conga Chicken, that is!

Summer is all about excitement, the warmth of the heat, and fun filled outdoor soirees. And baby, I created a chicken recipe just for it! This Afro-cuban inspired dish was created in celebration of the incomparable royal Queen of Salsa, Celia Cruz and my favorite 80's band Miami Sound Machine and their famous song ,"CONGA!" I love Cuban culture, the people, the music, the energy, and of course the food! I developed Fab Foodie Club's "Conga Chicken" for the National Kidney F

Smoked Grilled Corn

Summer is grilling season! So here is a crowd pleasing grilled corn recipe featuring smoked paprika


It's June! Time to break out those grills, smokers, picnic blankets, lawn chairs and get ready to venture outdoors for some fun in the glorious sun or under the spectacular stars on a warm summer night! It's the perfect time to gather with family and friends to have sweet communion with food and nature! My family loves eating outdoors! Every chance we get, we sit outside to eat a meal, snack, or sip a cool drink on the front porch with "Gramma", my mommy while watching her b

Spring time! Gardening Seasoning!

Nothing says Springtime quite like gardening! As a child, I could not wait for Spring to help my dad, Papa Joe create his masterpiece.

HAPPY SPRING! Enjoy Fab Foodie Club's "Papa Joe's Abundantly Delicious Garden Salad"

This quick and easy Spring salad and zesty Italian dressing recipe is sure to please your family and your guest's eyes as well as their appetite! Lovingly named after my dad, "Papa Joe" who still at 89 years of age plants and grows wonderful vegetables for our family to enjoy! Papa Joe's Abundantly Delicious Garden Salad In a large bowl, toss in ALL of your favorite vegetables. Add a small amount of Fab Foodie Club's Zesty Italian dressing or your favorite "non-creamy" salad

Not your "Classic" Wedge Salad, Country Fried Wedge Salad

In my family, nothing is "ever" ordinary! There has to be something "added" "subtracted" or "tried" to a classic recipe to make it ours. In my family kitchens, there are major debates among us on "something is missing" and believe me, there is always "something missing" or "more of this is needed" and whatever the "whatever" is missing, it's added! So when it comes to a "classic" wedge salad, things are not so "classic." Recently, while at the Home house (the home we grew up

Make It Easy Mango & Peach Chutney

I adore Indian food! I love the warm spices, the smooth textures, and the wonderful smells! I think I was marked at birth to adore this culture and the food. My birth name is of Indian origin, Sonjy meaning "Beautiful/ Life Giver" then I was given by my grandmother, the nickname, "Bambi" (my heart). Ok, how could I not love this magnificent culture, from which my parents chose my marvelous name? There are also some genetic family traits that have caused me to put a 23AndMe ki

Southern Mother's Day Brunch

Elegance yet effortless! Perfect dish for your cute and fancy Mother's Day Brunch!

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