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Host an Elegant Effortless Easter Brunch!

I know words like elegant, grand, over the top, and effortless just don't seem to fit together but here's your "Secret Bunny" guide to hosting an elegant, effortless, grand, over the top Easter Brunch! Let's hop to it!

We are taking all the extra hard work out and still create a sweet, classy Easter Sunday Brunch that your family and guest are going to rave about, and you won't be too tired or overwhelmed to enjoy.

  • First, pull out every dish and glass you have!

  • Dishes, glassware, flatware don't have to match. It is how you present them makes the magic!

  • Place glasses with glasses, bowls with bowls, and flatware on a colorful cloth napkin in a beautiful platter.

Now here is the part that I love!

Brunches start around 11 am, 12 noon, or even 1 pm so you don't have to get up around 4 am to make this grand event happen and umm... let's not!

Secondly, BUY OR PRE-ORDER EVERYTHING. Well, not the scrambled eggs, hash browns, or grits but everything else. Let your favorite local bakery or grocery do the cooking.

Just re-plate the food and garnish elegantly.

Things to order:

  • Fruit & Cheese Tray. Re-plate this on a gorgeous cutting board with elegant cheese accessories.

  • An assortment of breads. Sweet rolls, cinnamon buns, muffins, scones, biscuits, sweet breads, herb and multi-grain breads. My two favorite "good breads" local bakeries here in Winston Salem, NC are Camino's Bakery and Bobby Boy Bakeshop. Place your slices of bread on a large white flour sack towel in a basket. Plate your sweet breads on a platter.

  • A tray of Spanakopita. I love these for brunches. Phyllo pastries stuffed with spinach, cream cheese, and feta. Round platters are great to re-plate these delights! Garnish with parsley and grape tomatoes.

  • Spiral Ham. Skip the bacon. Pre-order a ham or pick up a full cooked ham from your local grocery store. Pre-heat for 30 mins and serve. Plate on a platter, garnish with orange slices and parsley.

  • Oven-roasted turkey breast or Rotisserie Chicken. Same instructions as the spiral ham.

  • Fried Chicken. My favorite fried chicken is located at my local grocery stores! My favorites are Bi-Lo, Lowes, and Publix.

30 min or less the sides:

  • Ore-Ida Southern Style Diced Hash brown or your favorite frozen hash browns. Follow the direction but add Italian seasoning, minced garlic, pepper, Mrs. Dash, and a dash of chicken bouillon.

  • Southern Spring Mix Salad. Purchase the salad mix, add sliced multicolored sweet pepper, sliced mushrooms, sliced sweet red onions, olives, banana peppers, black-eyed peas, peaches, (fresh or peaches) and pecan halves. Place in fancy teacups with teaspoons, pour in your favorite salad dressings or make your own.

  • Grits. Follow directions. Add milk and dash of chicken bouillon. Keep grits in pot and on the table set up a Grits Fittin' Bar which includes: Bowls of variety of grated cheeses, bacon bits, and jalapenos.

  • Waffles or Pancakes. Plate waffles on the platter, set up topping bar with bowls of your favorite toppings don't forget to include vanilla ice cream!

  • Simply scramble some eggs. No omelets, nothing fancy, just scrambled eggs.


  • Self-Serve Mimosa. Pour orange juice in a glass chafe and place in a champagne bucket filled with ice next to your Champagne, favorite sparkling wine, or sparkling grape juice.

  • Traditionally make your Sweet Tea or Lemonade. Honey, no cutting corners on good ole sweet tea or lemonade!

  • Tea and Coffee station. Purchase a tea box or create one of your own, add varieties of teas, along with bowls of cubed sugar, raw sugar, a small jar of honey, and slices of lemon.

  • Make a pot of your favorite coffee and in the fridge have a variety of flavored creamers available.


  • You hosted, they ate, now let them clean.

With these tips, you and your family can enjoy a wonderful Elegant, Effortless, Grand, Over the Top Easter Sunday Brunch! Many blessings & Happy Easter !

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