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Meet Me, Bambi Daniels, The Creator Of Fab Foodie Club

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Hi Fab Foodies!

Growing up in rural Chester, South Carolina, and better known as my nickname from birth "Bambi", I have always enjoyed fresh food, fruity cool drinks, and most of all nature!

If you couldn't find me in the kitchen watching my mommy and aunts cooking, you could always my happy go lucky self somewhere outside creating magic in the dirt, walking in the woods with my dog, or following behind my daddy, Papa Joe or my granddaddy, Gramps, "Tomboyying" and learning how to live off the land, from gardening, herbs, hunting, to fishing with a stick.

Fast forward to 2019, I began merging my love for cooking and developing a keen creative eye for food photography under the mentorship of my husband, professional visual artist, and photographer, Owens Daniels, and began posting on Instagram and Facebook.

Yes, honey, I am the one behind the eye-catching photos, the amazing food, and mind-blowing creativity!

You can currently watch me on Youtube at Fab Foodie Club, on my new IG Live Series "In The Kitchen" Live every Wednesday as well as her on my Fab Foodie Club Blog for food, lifestyle, and culture articles.

Thanks for reading and MANY BLESSINGS!

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