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The Power Of Grace

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

In the busy world in which we live in, the time we take to eat a meal especially together with family or friends is sacred. It's a time of nourishment and restoration, a time of giving and sharing. A time where we should offer up thanksgiving. Many say, "Let's bless the food" while others may say, "Let's say Grace."

Family saying Grace over their meal
The Power of Grace

The definition for the word grace in the word of God as well as in the dictionary is "unmerited favor." Good will, generosity, kindness that is freely given.

The power of Grace shown within a meal is awe inspiring. The earth freely gives to us, food (vegetables, fruit, grain). Not because of something so great that we did to cause that food to grow. Yes, the farmers may have planted the seeds, tended the gardens, and watched over the crop with great expectation of a bountiful harvest but really, it's not the will or skill of the farmer that makes this seed grow into maturity. It is the "unmerited favor", the grace of the earth, the elements, and the seed itself that causes it to yield fruit.


Grace that you are blessed with a meal, no matter how grand or how humble, it is a meal, it's your meal. A meal that nurtures the body, mind, and satisfies the soul. And if you have someone to share it with, it's an expression of love.


I know many of you all do this, but this is just a sweet reminder that before you take a bite, "Let's say Grace", a short prayer of thanksgiving, for indeed we have been given "Grace. "

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