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Food: The Love Affair.

Updated: Nov 12, 2023


In a world where image seems to be everything and counting calories have become the norm even for our children, we forget to enjoy the ENJOYMENT of creating and eating food!

I am not saying discount your health! So don't go eating a whole cake, ice cream, pork chops, fatback, shrimp fried rice, tacos, tikka masala, etc. in one setting and say, "Bambi said, "Cook, Eat & Be Happy !"

What I am saying is, "Baby, go 'head, eat that slice of pound cake and a few pieces of glorious chocolates!" And don't go counting calories/fat grams on vacation, at your family Sunday dinner, or Uncle Junior's famous back yard cook out and fish fry!

If you have health issues like me, I am someone who has managed my high blood pressure for over 23 years through mindful nutrition, active lifestyle, and medication, be mindful of what you can eat, cause eating a bag of Uncle Junior's fresh fried skins and drinking a some apple cider vinegar ain't going to cut the overload of your sodium intake !

Limit your intake of high sodium, sugars, and fats processed foods. These foods can cause issues in our bodies when over indulging in and eating only these types of foods without incorporating fruits and vegetables.

By simply taking time to create the same dishes, modifying seasonings and using fresher ingredients helps benefit your body now and in the long run. And might I add fresh fruits and vegetables will help keep your "pipes" from getting "locked" up too, if you know what I mean.

Love what you eat but remember food is fuel as well. Fuel that keep our body running like a well oiled machine. Not eating twigs, berries, and leaves, but enjoying savory hearty good foods. Fabulous foods, full of flavor that people like myself and other with health issues, like diabetes, high blood pressure, food allergies can truly enjoy.

They are out there and they are delicious and not expensive!

I will be sharing some of those recipes that I have created for Spicelogy's and American Kidney Association here on the blog that I believe you will love! As always, I encourage you to put your magical spin on all of the recipe I post and make them your own! But always remember honey, salty doesn't mean seasoned and syrupy sugary doesn't make it a delicious dessert! LOL!

Let's do this together, discover fabulous foods that will heal along with foods that you love to indulge in!

Together, we can find a delicious harmonious balance with our love for food!

So honey, COOK, EAT, & BE HAPPY!

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