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Honey! I just found out about the fabulous Dr. Glynis Albright of "Not just Chicken and Waffles, but an Experience" gourmet products, "Glynis Kitchen."

Dr. Albright received her PhD in Natural Health & Food Science and created this gourmet line to provide people with good food products that were good for you, especially those dealing with health issues. BRAVO! For more information and to order these great products log onto

By the way, did I mention she's the beautiful wife of world-renowned of jazz saxophonist, Gerald Albright!


Are you ready to enjoy a relaxing evening at home with delicious organic

adult drinks!

Well, honey, you need to call on the two queer girls, Aleshia & Cedrina of The Remedy, an organically crafted customized cocktail mix service sent to your door in eco-friendly packages and if you live within walking distance from them, they will hand-deliver their delicious libations to your door with a sprig of fresh mint. BRAVO! To order

By the way, did I mention both are successful independent vocalists and one I proudly call my International SuperStar Goddaughter!

(And yes, I had drunk some of the juice before the shot...)

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