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T'is the season to make TREATS!

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

I love the holidays! This is the perfect time to create and indulge in delicious treats!

I love making both homemade and semi-homemade treats during this season. Honey, everything doesn't have to be from scratch to be good! Save some time and your mind! Yesterday, the "adult children" made a Gingerbread house which was pre-constructed. That did not stop them from enjoying creating magic! It actually gave them more time to be creative instead of worrying if the roof would fall if they added more gumdrops!

Be gentle to yourself, everything doesn't have to be perfect! Enjoy creating the magic of moment without social media, put phones down and be social, enjoy bonding. The babies, young and old won't care if you cut a few corners with making the treats. All they really care about is making the treats together with you!

So grab your favorite tube of premade sugar cookie dough and go make Christmas Magic!

Ultimate Sugar Cookie Station

Things Needed:

Tube of premade cookie dough

Multi shaped Cookie cutters

Aprons (because you will get messy)

Bowls & spoons (lots and lots of bowls & spoons)

Wax paper

4 16 oz. White Cake Icing

Small quart size Ziploc bags

Festive food coloring

Chocolate morsels

White Chocolate morsels

Multi colored Sprinkles

Silver Sprinkles

Gold Sprinkles

Red Hots


Candy eyes

Fruit By The Foot

Roll out cookie dough and cut into various shapes. Cook cookies as directed.

Cool cookies on cookie rack.

Create the Ultimate Sugar Cookie Station

Cover table with wax paper. Place cooled cookies in the middle of the table on the wax paper. Guest will choose their favorite shapes.

Place candies in bowls , set on table with spoons.

Hand out 2 Ziploc bags per guest. Have guest cut the tip of the bags, making sure hold is large enough to make small lines. (Adults please cut tips for children. )

Scoop 1 serving spoon of icing in one bowl per guest. Encourage guest to divide the icing into separate bowls adding their favorite food coloring. Guest will spoon into the bag the icing and squeeze the icing out at the open tip onto cookie .

Inform guest that the icing is also the glue that will adhere their candies to the cookies.

Now turn up the Christmas music and create!

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