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Garnish the New Year with Oranges!

Everyone loves a lil bubble to ring in the new year and this social media craze for mimosas will make your New Year's Brunch truly "rosy!"

I know, "Orange", "Rosy," "Bubbling," I am corny but trust me your guest will adore these orange slice roses in their drink as they celebrate 2024!

Orange Slice Mimosa Roses

Items needed:

  • Two large Oranges

  • Regular square ice cube tray

  • Orange juice (no pulp)

  • Champagne or your favorite sparkling wine


  • Cut orange in half and slice the orange slightly thin.

  • Arrange orange slices in the ice cube tray in the shape of a rose.

Make sure slices are above the rim of each individual cube slot.

  • Pour orange juice over the slices, filling to the rim of each cube slot.

  • Freeze overnight.

To serve:

  • Place your orange slice roses in a champagne coupe glass and pour champagne or your favorite sparkling wine over your "mimosa roses" and enjoy!


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