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Updated: Nov 12, 2023

YES! Your girl is on worldwide television, PBS! On the same network as Cookie Monster!

I was blessed to have been chosen from hundreds of applicants to be one of the 10 talented home cooks to compete in the PBS new series, The Great American Recipe!

I was tremendously blessed to have been invited to the table to do what I love doing,

to showcase my family, to be among some of the nations great home cooks:

Brian Leigh (Bowling Green, KY), Christina McAlvey (Portland, OR),

Dan Rinaldi (Providence, RI), Foo Nguyen (Orange County, CA)

Irma Cádiz (New York, NY), Nikki Tomiano-Allemand (Boise, Idaho)

Robin Daumit (Annapolis, MD), Silvia Martinez (San Luis Obispo, CA),

Tony Scherber (Minneapolis, MN) and to better my skills as a home chef from some of my favorite celebrity chefs: Alejandra Ramos, Tiffany Derry, Leah Cohen, Graham Elliot.

The Great American Recipe is more than just a great food competition, it's a place of family history, a place where dreams become reality, where great life-long friendships are created and greater culinary skills are developed!

Binge watch episodes by clicking below

Or download the PBS app to watch anytime anywhere in the world!

Here is my signature 1st episode dish "Smoked Mac & Cheese" which is sure to please!

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