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Quote Chef Raven, nevermore...

Whether you like a scare or wouldn't dare, these Edgar Allen Poe inspired treats are too easy and too much fun not to create a lil mayhem for your guest!

Edgar Allen Poe Nachos

Things Needed:

Blue Corn Tortilla Chips or Halloween Tortilla Chips (if available)

Diced tomatoes

Diced jalapenos


Sliced Black Olives

Blanco Queso cheese dip

  • Warm Blanco Queso cheese dip

  • On a platter place tortilla chips, drizzle tortilla chips with melted cheese dip and layer remaining ingredients.

Tell Tale Heart

Things needed:

Lil Debbie Strawberry Shortcake rolls

Plain Panko breadcrumbs

2 eggs

2 cups of vegetable oil

Red cake drip icing

A scoop of Vanilla ice cream

  • Heat oil in a frying pan or deep fryer to 350-375 degrees (177-190 celsius) to fry the shortcake rolls.

  • In a bowl, pour in your panko breadcrumbs

  • In a bowl, beat your eggs

  • Take your shortcake rolls, dip in bowl of eggs, and then roll them in the panko breadcrumbs

  • Place breaded shortcake in heated oil and fry for 3 minutes or until golden brown

  • Place rolls on plate, cut in half to allow inside filling to ooze out and drizzle with red cake drip icing.

  • Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream

The Pit & The Pendulum Float

Things needed:

Coke or your favorite soft drink

One to two scoops of vanilla ice cream

Chocolate syrup

Red cake drip icing

  • In a tumbler, place one or two scoop of vanilla ice cream

  • Pour soda over ice cream in the tumbler. Soda and ice cream with create a foam. Top the foam with a chocolate heart created using the chocolate syrup.

  • Garnish the rim of the tumbler with the red cake drip icing for a dripping blood effect.

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