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Not your "Classic" Wedge Salad.

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

In my family, nothing is "ever" ordinary! There has to be something "added" "subtracted" or "tried" to a classic recipe to make it ours. In my family kitchens, there are major debates among us on "something is missing" and believe me, there is always "something missing" or "more of this is needed" and whatever the "whatever" is missing, it's added! So when it comes to a "classic" wedge salad, things are not so "classic."

Recently, while at the Home house (the home we grew up in) with my sisters, my mom was blessed with 2 boxes full of produce. Overflowing boxes of peppers, potatoes, onions, carrots, tomatoes, melons, you name it and it was there. Among the summer bounty, were two iceberg head of lettuces. Not my family's lettuce of choice, we prefer leafy greens and an occasional romaine heart or two for a quick for side Caesar salad but we skip on Iceberg.

So as we gazed upon these light green crispy What's Happening sitcoms, "Ralphs" that the sitcom's character, Rerun so readily worshipped, we couldn't figure out what could be done to eat them fast enough before browning and ascending to the great compost in the sky.

I thought, let's make wedge salads, not just a classic wedge salad, but a Country Fried Wedge Salad! And boy, was it GOOD!

If you try this recipe, I promise you, you will hit the gong for more "Ralph" and eat yourself happy!

Country Fried Wedge Salad

You will need:

  • A head of Iceberg lettuce

  • 8 Thick cut slices of bacon

  • Caesar salad dressing

  • A cup of chopped red onion

  • A cup of feta cheese

  • Grape tomatoes sliced

Wash and cut lettuce into 4 wedges. Pat dry with a paper towel.

Fry the slices of bacon in a frying pan. Drain the slices of bacon. Crumble them and set aside.

With the bacon grease in the pan, put the pan on medium-high. Test the grease with a sprinkle of flour to make sure it is ready to fry the lettuce wedges. If your grease is not hot enough, your lettuce wedges will absorb too much oil, leaving you with an oily mushy mess!

Place the lettuce wedges one at a time in the pan of hot bacon grease.

Fry each side for a few seconds.

Plate the lettuce wedges. Over the wedges, drizzle the Caesar salad dressing, sprinkle the chopped red onions, feta cheeses, and the crumbled bacon.

FYI: You can keep the salad warm before serving in the oven on warm.


"Frying Up Lettuce, Country Style!"

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