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Honey, We Have The Tea!

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Just in time for Fall, Kanade's Tea Shoppe is back, exclusively at Fab Foodie Club Shop!

Formerly a stand-alone web shop owned by my daughter, tea aficionado, Jayla Allen, Kanade's Tea Shoppe is now officially apart of Fab Foodie Club! Jayla continues to be committed to providing her customers with premium loose teas that will leave a lasting impression.

Each tea is carefully tested, selected, researched, and created by Jayla herself. Unlike the mass-produced tea you find at your local grocery store, Kanade's Tea Shoppe offers whole, not milled, high-quality teas bursting with flavor and freshness. So, if a blend has rose petals, you will see rose petals, if a blend has apples, you will see the apple pieces.

The Fab Foodie Introductory Kanade's tea and tea blends:


Iroh Jasmine Pearls: Hand rolled Chinese green tea leaf and bud.

  • Taste: Sweet, soft, airy


Lavish Bliss: White tea blended with peach, cherry, green apple, apricots, rose petals.

  • Taste: Fruity, floral, refreshing


Chamomile Tea: Whole chamomile flowers

  • Taste: Light, floral, mild


Good Morning Chai: Black tea blended with apple and Chai spices (cinnamon, ginger, clove, and cardamom)

  • Taste: Earthy, smoky, bold

Sweater Weather Chai: Herbal Rooibos tea blended with Chai spices and extra cinnamon

  • Taste: Nutty, sweet, playful

Fireside Chai: Herbal Rooibos tea blended with vanilla and Chai spices

  • Taste: Sweet, nutty, mellow

Kanade's Tea Shoppe Teas are available now at Fab Foodie Club Shop with free shipping. Enter code FALLTEA at check out for free shipping.

Teas are 2oz, yielding 32cups, $15 per bag.

Kanade's Iroh Jasmine Pearls come 1 oz yielding 16 cups and cost $15 per bag.

Click "Shop" at the top right to place your order.

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