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For me, nothing says "IT'S FALL" like an amazing Chai tea mixed with delicious cream.

Not milled chai tea but full-bodied chai with ingredients you can see and smell, whole black tea leaves, and robust Indian spices like cardamom, star anise, cloves, and allspice. A

robust chai tea whose aroma from one cup can fill the room with fragrances that

transports you to being seated at the base of an oak tree in the cool crisp mountains, relaxing and admiring the leaves as they change to rich mahogany browns, vibrant ginger oranges, lemony yellows, and ruby reds.

Kanade's Tea Shoppe desires their customers to have this experience and more. Not only with their seasonal chai teas but with all of their teas and tea blends.. Tea shoppe founder/owner, Jayla Nicole Allen sets her goals to give you not just another cup of tea you can buy at any grocery store on corner but a memorable whole not milled, high quality teas that gives you a tea "experience". So, when if it's purchase Kanade's Chai tea, you will see and smell wonderful whole spices from India.

Launched in August 2020, Kanade's Tea Shoppe launching in August 2020, is a web-based tea shop that specializes in providing its customer with premium loose teas and tea accessories. The brainchild of creator and owner, self confessed blerd, (black nerd) Jayla Allen, (who I am proud to call my beautiful smart daughter!) who tests, selects, researches, blends, and names each tea. She purposely selected a London, England tea supplier that purchases their teas/ingredients directly from area local farmers.

Kanade's tea shoppe is a dream come true for this anime cosplayer, for years, Jayla dreamed of having a Japanese inspired Anime themed "Ochaya," a tea house full of wonderful delicious aromatic whole teas and live music, from all genres. Jayla dream started with creating a short story series about a character, named of course, Kanade (meaning beautiful sound in Japanese), who owns a tea shop and had amazing adventures with her colorful host of friends and family. (You can read the series in the blog section on

Kanade's Tea Shoppe website )

Fast forwarding into the future... college graduation, COVID & a dissolved 2020 opportunity of working for Disney caused this former college anime club president to pick up her dreams and turn them into reality.

Kanade's Tea Shoppe teas are named after anime, animated character, and popular shows. Here you will find teas like a Jasmine pearl named "Iroh" inspired by Uncle Iroh, from Avatar: The Last Airbender series, an impeccable Earl Grey tea, respectfully entitled "Sebastian", inspired but The Black Butler series. There are also delightful limited editions teas that will pop up to celebrate a season or a popular series, like the current limited edition tea inspired by HBO's Lovecraft Country series named, "Tic & Leti."

Anime heads, nerds of all kinds, and tea lover around the world will fall in love with Kanade's Tea Shoppes quality, theme, and most of all, taste. A place where "Where Great Teas & Anime Meet!"

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