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Baby, delicious North Carolina fresh handpicked seasoned collard greens in a jar, this is goodness at your fingertips, what a blessing!

A jar of Rosey Bloom's Collards promises to take you back to your childhood memories of cooking with a loved one from your first bite!

This Winston Salem NC based company prides itself on providing an all-natural, fresh, and convenient product without sacrificing quality or taste.

With a rich culinary history that spans over 85 years, which started with its namesake, Rosetta L. Bloom the grandmother of entrepreneur, Shana Faison the creator of Rosey Bloom company. Every jar of Rosey Bloom's collards is handpicked, chemical and pesticide-free and are provided by certified local North Carolina farmers.

The company's motto is "From our pots to your plates!" So grab a plate and enjoy a plate of wonderful Rosey Bloom's collard greens!

To order a full box (12 jars) or a half box (6 jars) visit

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